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SinC-Guppies Steering Committee

The president and members-at-large are elected by the membership.The Guppy Advisor is the past president. All other members of the Steering Committee are appointed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate Steering Committee member, who can pass along the information to the rest of the committee.

 President Debra H. Goldstein  GuppyPrez@sinc-guppies.org


Karen Duxbury

 Website Liaison  Cori Lynn Arnold  WebGuppy@sinc-guppies.org
 Newsletter Editor Lourdes Venard  NewsGuppy@sinc-guppies.org
 Member-at-LargeAnna Castle  Anthology@sinc-guppies.org
Carolyn Rowland
 Member-at-LargeElaine Douts   ClassGuppy@sinc-guppies.org
 Member-at-LargeJane Gorman  ManuscriptSwaps@sinc-guppies.org

Susan Van Kirk

 Member-at-LargeMicki Browning  SC@sinc-guppies.org
 Guppy Advisor

Jim Jackson


Duties of the Steering Committee:

PRESIDENT: welcomes new members, encourages members, writes greeting for First Draft, moderates discussions in Steering Committee, settles disputes. 

TREASURER: collects dues, maintains the bank account, pays fees for website, etc. Keeps record of members and their addresses. 

WEBSITE LIAISON: updates website, maintains passwords and usernames for Members Only section of the website. 

 prepares six issues of First Draft per year. Collects articles, edits the newsletter, and is responsible for electronic and/or hard copy distribution. 

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE: represent the membership and take on various responsibilities as assigned by the president including setting up and monitoring Guppy classes, creating new members, arranging critiques, moderating the discussion list and moderating subgroups.

GUPPY ADVISOR: is the immediate past president, who advises the President and Steering Committee. (Nonvoting member.) 

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